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A monthly collection of recently published articles in BioOne Complete journals—highlighting timely subjects and themes in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

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A quarterly collection of top and trending research published recently in BioOne Complete journals—representing broad cross-sections of subjects, species, and regional interests.

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Curated research collections featuring articles in BioOne Complete journals—putting a spotlight on current events and conversations in biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

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Autumn trees reflected in water with a wooden bridge and a crowd of tourists

March 2023 - Tourism

Tourism is a critical economic development strategy around the world, providing needed jobs and developing infrastructure, while connecting visitors to constructed attractions and sites of natural beauty. However, tourism and the growing field of ecotourism invariably impact native ecosystems and species.

Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil in the ground, photographed from above

February 2024 - Dinosaurs

Dinosaur fossils are crucial for understanding Earth's prehistoric ecosystems, providing invaluable insights into the evolution and diversity of life millions of years ago.

Closeup of a gentoo penguin in the snow

January 2024 - Polar Sciences

Earth's polar regions boast remarkably diverse flora and fauna, each uniquely adapted to thrive in their extreme environments. Through polar science research, we gain invaluable insights into the adaptive strategies of organisms in these harsh settings.


laptop with star iconTop & Trending Research

Top & Trending Research. BioOne Complete logo. Ohia Lehua Flower.

April 2023 Top & Trending Research

We are proud to spotlight content from some of BioOne’s publishing partners including Current Herpetology, Pacific Science, PALAIOS, Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Southeastern Naturalist, Wildlife Research, and more.

BioOne Complete. Top & Trending Research. A polar bear cub in the snow at the opening of its den.

January 2024 Top & Trending Research

Featuring content from some of BioOne’s publishing partners including BIOS, Caribbean Journal of Science, Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation, Natural Areas Journal, Ursus, and Zoological Science.

All articles in our January 2024 edition of Top & Trending Research are free to read through March 31, 2024, with thanks to BioOne Complete’s participating publishers.


butterfly iconSpecial Content Collections

Earth Day 2024 poster

Earth Day 2024:
Planet vs. Plastics

Research exploring the impacts of plastic pollution on environments, biodiversity, and the potential to impact human health.

BioOne Ambassador Awards logo. 2023 BioOne Ambassador Dr. Xochitl Clare. It is night and Wood and a colleague wear headlamps.

2024 BioOne Ambassador Awards Nominee Research

Explore published research from early career researchers nominated for the 2024 BioOne Ambassador Awards by BioOne Complete partner publishers.

BioOne Complete logo. Hands wearing purple gloves tending a cannabis plant.

Cannabis Science

This special collection spotlights cannabis research from BioOne Complete partner publishers, including the Canadian Journal of Plant Science, Journal of Economic Entomology, Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Weed Technology and more.

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