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Join BioOne and  Oceana in protecting the diverse wildlife that call our oceans home by entering BioOne's Adopt-an-Octopus Giveaway! 

There are over 280 members of the  Octopoda order, ranging from the 16-foot Giant Pacific Octopus ( Enteroctopus dofleini) to the  Octopus wolfi, which tops out at under an inch. And like every ocean-dweller, these magnificent cephalopods are threatened by increasing pollution and human encrochment. By "adopting" an octopus, we can support Oceana in their efforts to defend these captivating creatures and the waters they live in.

To enter, fill out an entry card at the BioOne booth and return it to a BioOne representative. If you win, BioOne will adopt an octopus in your name! You will receive an honorary adoption kit from Oceana, which consists of a personalized adoption certificate and adorable octopus plush.

To learn more about how Oceana is working to protect the world's oceans, please visit

Who is Elfie?

Stop by the BioOne booth and meet Elfie, our resident octopus! Elford - or Elfie -  is named after famed British zoologist William Elford Leach, who gave the order that these organisms belong to the name "Octopoda".

Make sure to pop by BioOne's booth, enter the giveaway,  and #SelfieWithElfie!

About Oceana

Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Oceana seeks to make our oceans more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world's marine life. Since its founding, Oceana has won more than 100 victories and protected more than one million square miles of ocean. To learn more visit

Learn More About the Octopus:  The Ocean's Most Clever Inhabitant

The octopus is one of the earth's largest invertebrates, as well as one of the most intelligent. These eight-armed creatures are notorious escape artists, and possess problem-solving capabilities that have fascinated scientists around the globe. For instance, did you know that....

  • ...octopuses have been observed using various items as tools and shelter, including coconut shells? ( No, seriously.)
  • ...because most octopuses are soft-bodied, they can fit themselves through almost any opening, provided it is slightly larger than their beak?
  • ...some species of octopus can mimic other organisms as a form of camoflauge?
  • ...a recent study on octopus behavior suggests that octopuses communicate through posture and body color?

These amazing cephalopods continue to surprise marine biologists, and captivate the world at large. Join us in protecting our oceans, and enter our giveaway today!

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