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Transactions of the American Entomological Society

Transactions of the American Entomological Society, published since 1867, contains work on all aspects of the systematics and taxonomy of insects, including taxonomic revisions and phylogenetics.

Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science

Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science publishes multidisciplinary work on the biological, cultural, and physical sciences, math and computer science, history and philosophy of science, and science education.

Tree-Ring Research

Tree Ring Research, published since 1934, contains work on the growth rings of trees and the applications of tree-ring research in a wide variety of fields, including archaeology, geology, and ecology.

Tropical Conservation Science
Open Access

Tropical Conservation Science focuses on the field of conservation of tropical forests and other tropical ecosystems. The journal serves as a forum for perspectives and analyses of contrasting concepts and data on tropical ecosystem conservation.

Chelonian Research Foundation and Turtle Conservancy Logo

Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter

Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, published by the Chelonian Research Foundation until January 2011, served as a forum for the timely exchange of information on turtle and tortoise conservation and biology issues.

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