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A Revision of the North American Species of Anthicus, s. str. (Coleoptera: Anthicidae)
Editor(s): Floyd G. Werner
Author(s): Floyd G. Werner
Print Publication Date: 1964

All species known from North America are described or redescribed and figured. There is a key to genera of Anthicidae, based partly on new characters, a definition of Anthicus, s. str., as used here, and a key to the North American species. Of the 48 species recognized, 21 have not been taken south of the USA border, 16 overlap between the USA and Mexico or farther south, and 11 are not known from north of Mexico. New species described are Anthicus barbatus (southwestern USA & Sonora, Mexico), comanche (southern Texas), custodiae (Gulf of Calif.), falli (Ariz.), hondurensis (Honduras), panamensis (Canal Zone), potosianus (eastern Mexico) and sonoranus (Ariz. & northwestern Mexico). The following new synonymy is proposed: Anthicus ancilla Casey (=parallelus Casey, caseyi Pic), bellulus LeConte (=minusculus Champion, helvinus Casey), biguttulus LeConte (=ovicollis Casey, protectus Casey), cervinus LaFerté (=gilensis Casey, seminotatus Casey), cribratus LeConte (=hecate Casey), ephippium LaFerté (=luteolus LeConte, simiolus Casey, pinguescens Casey), formicarius (Goeze) (=Hemantus enodis Casey, H. scenicus Casey, H. rixator Casey), haldemani LeConte (=saucius Casey, decorellus Casey), hastatus Casey (=subcalvus Casey, solidus Casey), ictericus LaFerté (=convexulus Casey), lecontei Champion (=stellatus Casey, auriger Casey, vulneratus Casey, junctus Casey), lutulentus Casey (=agilis Casey, herifuga Casey, mundus Casey), nanus LeConte (=vagans Casey, peninsularis Casey, nympha Casey, obliquus Casey, innocens Casey, inscitus Casey, amoenus Casey), pallidus Say (=currax Champion, tetrops Champion, grenadensis Champion, floridanus Casey), punctulatus LeConte (=monticola Casey, cephalotes Casey, decrepitus Casey), scabriceps LeConte (=compositus Casey) : tobias Mars. (=tanakai Nomura). Notoxus talpa LaFerté, not Horn (=N. ventralis Champion), and N. subtilis LeConte (=N. talpa of Horn, not LaFerté) are mentioned in connection with Piccolomini’s specimens from “Californie.”

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