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1 June 2009 A Review of Afrotropical Sisyrnodytes Loew, 1856 (Diptera: Asilidae: Stenopogoninae)
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The genus Sisyrnodytes Loew, 1856 is reviewed and the Afrotropical species revised. A key for the separation of species is presented and the fauna is discussed with respect to available distributional and biological data. The following Afrotropical species are described as new: aethes (South Africa), ausensis (Namibia), dasykylon (South Africa, Namibia), oligotrichus (Namibia), xeromyia (Botswana, Namibia). The following previously described Afrotropical species are considered valid: apicalis Oldroyd, 1957; aterrimus Engel, 1929; brevis (Macquart, 1838); curtus (Wiedemann, 1819); irwini Oldroyd, 1974; major Adams, 1905;nilicola(Rondani, 1850); niveipilosus Ricardo, 1925; subater Oldroyd, 1957; vestitus Oldroyd, 1974. The following new synonymies are established: S. defusus Oldroyd, 1974 and S. diplocus Oldroyd, 1974 = S. brevis; S. luscinius (Walker, 1849) = S. curtus; S. erebus Oldroyd, 1957 = S. major. A neotype is designated for S. brevis (Macquart, 1838), and lectotypes are designated for S. major; S. floccus Loew, 1856; S. niveipilosus. One species has been removed from Sisyrnodytes: Acnephalum sericeus (Oldroyd, 1974), comb. n.

Jason G. H. Londt "A Review of Afrotropical Sisyrnodytes Loew, 1856 (Diptera: Asilidae: Stenopogoninae)," African Invertebrates 50(1), 137-183, (1 June 2009).
Published: 1 June 2009

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