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1 October 2007 Chobe bushbuck in an elephant-impacted habitat along the Chobe River
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A survey of bushbuck was carried out along the Chobe riverfront, Chobe National Park, Botswana. We used road counts, as was done in previous surveys in the Park, in order to reveal trends in population size over time. As the animals could be individually recognized, the absolute population size could be calculated using capture-recapture technique. We estimated the population along the c. 50 km of riverfront in the Park to be 39 animals (standard deviation 7.47). To our knowledge this is the first objective estimate of the bushbuck population in the area. Comparing numbers of bushbuck observed from different survey periods to reveal trends over time proved difficult except in very general terms. There is, however, evidence that the population has undergone considerable variation with changes in woody vegetation density and that it was low about 1900, peaked in the 1960s and then declined to the 1990s. There is no evidence for a further decline between 1991 and our study.
F. M. Dipotso, C. Skarpe, L. Kelaeditse and M. Ramotadima "Chobe bushbuck in an elephant-impacted habitat along the Chobe River," African Zoology 42(2), (1 October 2007).[261:CBIAEH]2.0.CO;2
Received: 20 July 2005; Accepted: 5 June 2007; Published: 1 October 2007

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