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10 August 2015 Taxonomic Revision of the Moss Genus Lepidopilidium (Pilotrichaceae)
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Lepidopilidium (Müll. Hal.) Broth. (Pilotrichaceae) consists of mainly epiphytic and epiphyllous, pleurocarpous mosses distributed in the tropical, subtropical, and south temperate regions of Central America, South America, Africa, southern India, and Sri Lanka. The genus is characterized by a moderately to strongly complanate habit; the presence of a moderately to well-developed stem hyalodermis; dimorphic dorsal, ventral, and lateral leaves; prominent double costae; smooth, hexagonal, rhomboidal, or fusiform leaf cells; smooth or papillose setae; collenchymatous exothecial cells; 2-celled stomata; massive annuli; a hookeriaceous-type peristome; and sparsely pilose or glabrous mitrate calyptrae. Six species are taxonomically accepted: L. brevisetum (Hampe) Broth., L. devexum (Mitt.) Broth., L. divaricatum (Dozy & Molk.) Broth., L. furcatum (Thwaites & Mitt.) Broth., L. isleanum (Besch.) Broth., and L. nitens (Hornsch.) Broth., with 19 names newly synonymized. Lepidopilum chenagonii Renauld & Cardot is transferred to Thamniopsis (Mitt.) M. Fleisch., as T. chenagonii (Renauld & Cardot) J. J. Atwood. Lepidopilidium crispifolium W. R. Buck & Wigginton and Hookeria pallidifolia Mitt. are placed in Hookeriopsis (Besch.) A. Jaeger s. str., as H. crispifolia (W. R. Buck & Wigginton) J. J. Atwood and H. pallidifolia (Mitt.) Geh. & Herzog, respectively. Lepidopilum plebejum (Müll. Hal.) Sehnem is treated as a new synonym of Lepidopilum pallidonitens (Müll. Hal.) Paris. Typification is designated for the unranked Lamprophyllum group of Hookeria Sm. by Hookeria nitens Hornsch. [≡ Lepidopilidium nitens] and for Lepidopilum sect. Plagiotheciella Besch. by Lepidopilum isleanum Besch. [≡ Lepidopilidium isleanum]. Typifications are designated for Crossomitrium portoricense Müll. Hal. [≡ Lepidopilidium portoricense (Müll. Hal.) H. A. Crum & Steere; = L. nitens], Hookeria aureopurpurea Geh. & Hampe [≡ Lepidopilidium aureopurpureum (Geh. & Hampe) Broth.; = L. nitens], Hookeria aureopurpurea Müll. Hal. [≡ Lepidopilidium lamprophylloides (Paris) Broth.; = L. brevisetum], Hookeria breviseta Hampe [≡ Lepidopilidium brevisetum], Hookeria divaricata Dozy & Molk. [≡ Lepidopilidium divaricatum], Hookeria entodontella Müll. Hal. ex Broth. [≡ Lepidopilidium entodontella (Müll. Hal. ex Broth.) Broth.; = L. nitens], Hookeria gracilifrons Müll. Hal. [≡ Lepidopilidium gracilifrons (Müll. Hal.) Broth.; = L. nitens], Hookeria longicuspis Müll. Hal. [≡ Lepidopilidium longicuspis (Müll. Hal.) Broth.; = L. nitens], Hookeria nitens Hornsch. [≡ Lepidopilidium nitens], Hookeria subnitens Geh. & Hampe [≡ Lepidopilidium subnitens (Geh. & Hampe) Broth.; = L. nitens], Hookeria subnitens Geh. & Hampe var. latior Geh. & Hampe [= Lepidopilidium nitens], Hookeria tenuiseta Müll. Hal. [≡ Lepidopilidium tenuisetum (Müll. Hal.) Broth.; = L. nitens], Hookeria wainioi Broth. [≡ Lepidopilidium wainioi (Broth.) Broth.; = L. nitens], Lepidopilum corbieri Renauld & Cardot [≡ Lepidopilidium corbieri (Renauld & Cardot) Cardot; = L. divaricatum], Lepidopilum devexum Mitt. [≡ Lepidopilidium devexum], Lepidopilum flexuosum Besch. [≡ Lepidopilidium flexuosum (Besch.) Broth. ex Paris; = L. isleanum], Lepidopilum fruticola Müll. Hal. [≡ Lepidopilidium fruticola (Müll. Hal.) Broth.; = L. brevisetum], Lepidopilum furcatum Thwaites &am

John J. Atwood "Taxonomic Revision of the Moss Genus Lepidopilidium (Pilotrichaceae)," Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 100(4), 364-392, (10 August 2015).
Published: 10 August 2015

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