VOL. 95 · NO. 2 | June 2008

Articles (10)
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden
95(2), 201-223, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2006017
KEYWORDS: Assumption 0, biogeography, cladogeny, Coevolution, evolutionary complexity, horizontal transfer, hybridization, PACT, phylogenetic analysis for comparing trees, phylogenetic systematics, PHYLOGEOGRAPHY, reticulation, taxon pulse, tokogeny
95(2), 224-231, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2006102
KEYWORDS: coalescence, divergence time, genealogical discord, incomplete lineage sorting, radiation, speciation, statistical phylogeography
95(2), 232-247, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2006051
KEYWORDS: Antitropical distributions, biogeography, diadromy, eels, fishes, global biogeographic regions, life history, migration
95(2), 248-261, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2006103
KEYWORDS: Central highlands, Coevolution, Cyprogenia aberti, double uniparental inheritance, mitotype, Unionidae
95(2), 264-274, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2007006
KEYWORDS: Aquilegia, Coevolution, extinction, hawkmoth, hummingbird, Ipomopsis, Nicotiana, pollen limitation, pollinator shift, speciation
95(2), 275-281, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2007176
KEYWORDS: Brassica, Brassicaceae, chromosome evolution, Clarkia, Molecular cytogenetics, Onagraceae, phylogenetics, phylogenomics, Poaceae, polyploidy
95(2), 282-337, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2003151
KEYWORDS: Asteraceae, Central America, Compositae, Mesoamerica, Mexico, Roldana, Senecioneae, taxonomy
95(2), 338-390, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2004167
KEYWORDS: Junellia, Verbenaceae, Verbeneae
95(2), 391-404, (18 June 2008)https://doi.org/10.3417/2006148
KEYWORDS: IUCN Red List, molecular phylogeny, Pilgerina, SANTALACEAE, Santalales, Staufferia, taxonomy
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