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30 December 2009 A Revision of Neotropical Bonyunia (Loganiaceae: Antonieae)
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A revision of the Neotropical genus Bonyunia M. R. Schomb. ex Progel (Loganiaceae, Antonieae) is provided, including a key to species, description, distribution, IUCN Red List status, and discussion. Bonyunia is morphologically and ecologically diverse with taxonomically informative characters that include habit, seed and leaf morphology, and the shape and indument of the calyx, bracts, and bracteoles. Bonyunia occurs in lowland regions of the Amazon River watershed (Brazil and Bolivia), the Orinoco River watershed (Colombia and Venezuela), tepuis of the Guayana region and outliers (Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, and Colombia), and lowland regions of Amazon Basin–facing Andes in Peru, throughout on white sands. Ten species are recognized, including four established species: B. antoniifolia Progel, B. aquatica Ducke, B. minor N. E. Br. (including B. cinchonoides Gleason & Standl.), and B. superba M. R. Schomb. ex Progel. Six species are newly described: B. excelsa J. R. Grant (Colombia), B. magnifica J. R. Grant (Brazil), B. nobilis J. R. Grant (Colombia), B. pulchra Ricketson, J. R. Grant & Liesner (Peru), B. spectabilis J. R. Grant (Guyana), and B. venusta J. R. Grant (Brazil).

Jason R. Grant "A Revision of Neotropical Bonyunia (Loganiaceae: Antonieae)," Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96(4), 541-563, (30 December 2009).
Published: 30 December 2009

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