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1 October 2002 Expression and Regulation of Fushi Tarazu Factor-1 and Steroidogenic Genes During Reproduction in Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus)
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Teleost fushi tarazu factor-1 (FTZ-F1) is a potential regulator of steroidogenesis. The present study shows sex-specific regulation of Arctic char fushi tarazu factor-1 (acFF1) and steroidogenic genes during reproductive maturation and in response to hormone treatment. A link between gonadal expression of acFF1, steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR), and cytochrome P450-11A (CYP11A), was observed in the reproductive maturation process, as elevated acFF1 mRNA and protein levels preceded increased StAR and CYP11A transcription. Sex-specific differences were observed as estrogen treatment resulted in down-regulated levels of acFF1 mRNA in testis and male head kidney, whereas no significant effect was observed in females. 11-Ketotestosterone (11-KT) down-regulated CYP11A and 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3βHSD) in head kidney and up-regulated CYP11A in testis. StAR remained unaffected by hormone treatment. This suggests that acFF1 is controlled by 17β-estradiol, whereas the effects on CYP11A and 3βHSD are mediated by 11-KT. Coexpression of acFF1, StAR, and CYP11A was observed in head kidney, in addition to gonads, indicating correlation between these steroidogenic genes. StAR and acFF1 were also coexpressed in liver, suggesting a potential role in cholesterol metabolism. Although these results indicate conserved steroidogenic functions for FTZ-F1 among vertebrates, they also raise the question of additional roles for FTZ-F1 in teleosts.

Jonas von Hofsten, Johnny Karlsson, Iwan Jones, and Per-Erik Olsson "Expression and Regulation of Fushi Tarazu Factor-1 and Steroidogenic Genes During Reproduction in Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus)," Biology of Reproduction 67(4), 1297-1304, (1 October 2002).
Received: 4 March 2002; Accepted: 1 May 2002; Published: 1 October 2002

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