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25 February 2019 AAC Stronghold durum wheat
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AAC Stronghold durum wheat [Triticum turgidum L. subsp. durum (Desf.) Husn.] is adapted to the durum production area of the Canadian prairies. Averaged over 3 yr, AAC Stronghold yielded significantly more grain than AC Navigator. AAC Stronghold had a protein concentration significantly less than Strongfield but significantly more than Brigade. AAC Stronghold had a plant height significantly shorter than Brigade, Strongfield, and AAC Cabri, with a lodging score significantly less than Strongfield and AAC Cabri. AAC Stronghold has a solid stem, which confers resistance to cutting by the wheat stem sawfly (Cephus cinctus Norton). AAC Stronghold had low grain cadmium concentration and stronger gluten than Strongfield. AAC Stronghold is eligible for grades of Canada Western Amber Durum.

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Y. Ruan, A.K. Singh, R.M. DePauw, R.E. Knox, R.D. Cuthbert, B. McCallum, T. Fetch, and B.L. Beres "AAC Stronghold durum wheat," Canadian Journal of Plant Science 99(4), 560-567, (25 February 2019).
Received: 5 September 2018; Accepted: 11 December 2018; Published: 25 February 2019

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