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1 December 2004 The Type Locality of Shortia galacifolia T. & G. Visited Once Again
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In the spring of 1839, Asa Gray found a specimen bearing small scalloped leaves, without flowers, but with a scape with a calyx and capsule, in the Michaux collection at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, which Michaux had labeled “An Pyrola spec? an genus novum? Hautes montagnes de la Caroline.” This plant was subsequently named Shortia galacifolia T. & G. Charles Sprague Sargent, after travel in the Carolinas and reading Michaux's journal, concluded that the type was collected in December 1788 at the forks of the Kiwi [Keowee] River, Oconee Co., South Carolina. Other botanists disagreed and maintained that the type was collected in June 1787 in the area of present day Jocassee Dam, also in Oconee Co., South Carolina, as there would be no remaining capsule in December. The specimen that Gray studied in Paris has disappeared. We have recently found an isotype of this species in the de Jussieu collection at the Paris herbarium. This one is labeled by de Jussieu: “Pyrola or related genus. In a specimen in the Michaux herbarium, we have seen a capsule which appears to be 3-valved, each valve had a partition in the middle. Given by Mr. Michaux in 1797, collected by him in 1787” (transl.). This specimen substantiates the correct date of collection and type locality for this taxon.
Charlie Williams, Eliane M. Norman and Gerard G. Aymonin "The Type Locality of Shortia galacifolia T. & G. Visited Once Again," Castanea 69(sp2), (1 December 2004).[169:TTLOSG]2.0.CO;2

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