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1 July 2017 Endohelminths of Fishes of Commercial Importance from Vicente Guerrero Reservoir, Tamaulipas, Mexico
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During August 2016 we sampled fish from Vicente Guerrero Reservoir (also known as Las Adjuntas Reservoir), Tamaulipas, Mexico to increase the inventory of endohelminths parasitizing 3 species of fish inhabiting this water body and to identify their possible zoonotic potential. We collected 2 introduced species of fish, Cyprinus carpio (n = 10) and Oreochromis aureus (n = 15), and 1 native species, Micropterus salmoides (n = 17). The 2 introduced species were examined for parasites for the first time from this reservoir. As result, we found 4 species of parasite: 2 larvae of nematodes (Contracaecum sp. and Spiroxys sp.) and 2 trematodes (Posthodiplostomum minimum in the larval stage and adults of Saccocoelioides sp.), but none with zoonotic potential. Only nematodes parasitized 2 species of fish, but their prevalence and mean intensities were not significantly different between the host species. This work is the first parasitological study of O. aureus in Tamaulipas, and the records of the trematodes and Spiroxys sp. in Vicente Guerrero Reservoir represent new locality records.

The Helminthological Society of Washington
Lorena Garrido-Olvera, Flaviano Benavides-González, Jaime Luis Rábago-Castro, Roberto Pérez-Castañeda, and Luis García-Prieto "Endohelminths of Fishes of Commercial Importance from Vicente Guerrero Reservoir, Tamaulipas, Mexico," Comparative Parasitology 84(2), 194-200, (1 July 2017).
Published: 1 July 2017

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