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1 January 2010 Revision of the Plant Bug Tribe Phylini from Nepal (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae)
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Thirty species in 13 genera of plant bugs (Phylinae: Phylini) from Nepal are revised in a first attempt to comprehensively clarify the fauna from this country. Five new genera, Alnopsallus, Aplagiognathus, Leucophylus, Psallomorpha and Zanchiophylus, are proposed. The following 21 species are described as new: Alnopsallus godawari, Al. jiriensis, Aplagiognathus albopilosus, Atractotomoidea monticola, At. orientalis, Campylomma buddlejae, C. chitwanense, Decomia bhaktapurana, Europiella langtangensis, E. puspae, Leucophylus variegatus, Moissonia schuhi, M. terai, Psallomorpha alba, P. castanopsis, P. kathmandu, P. quercicola, P. tenella, P. tomokunii, Rubrocuneocoris nigriceps, and Zanchiophylus hyaloviridis. Nine described species of the genera Badezorus, Campylomma, Decomia, Opuna, and Moissonia are reported from Nepal for the first time and are diagnosed. Opuna pallidula Yasunaga is proposed as a junior synonym of Moissonia importunitas (Distant). Digital photographic images of live individuals and detailed male genitalic figures are presented for most species. Female genitalic structures, which have been insufficiently employed for previous phyline classification, are also described and illustrated for 20 species. Zoogeography and characteristics of the Nepalese phyline fauna are also discussed. Host plants are confirmed for 12 species.

Ram Keshari Duwal, Tomohide Yasunaga, and Seunghwan Lee "Revision of the Plant Bug Tribe Phylini from Nepal (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae)," Entomologica Americana 116(1), (1 January 2010).
Published: 1 January 2010

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