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24 January 2013 A Review of the Genus Hermatobates (Heteroptera: Hermatobatidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species
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The genus Hermatobates is revised and considered to contain 12 valid species, including two new species described herein: H. schuhi from the Ryukyu and Tokara Islands, and H. palmyra from the Line Islands. A morphological redescription is provided for H. djiboutensis from the Indian Ocean, and a neotype is designated for H. singaporensis from Singapore. All previous records of H. marchei from Australia are considered to instead represent H. weddi. A revised key is provided to all known species of Hermatobates, and scanning electron micrographs are provided for certain key characters of the legs, thoracic venter, and male genitalia in H. schuhi, H. palmyra, H. djiboutensis, H. weddi, H. marchei, and H. kula. Additional photographic illustrations are provided for key characters in H. haddoni, H. bredini, H. hawaiiensis, H. tiarae, H. palmyra, H. djiboutensis, H. singaporensis, H. marchei and H. armatus, and line drawing illustrations are provided for endosomal structures in H. weddi, H. haddoni, H. djiboutensis, and H. bredini. Distribution maps are also provided for all species. It is suggested that characters of the male endosomal and metasternal morphology provide an initial basis for delineation of five intraspecific species groupings. It is hypothesized that repeated episodes of vicariance related to alternating high and low Quaternary sea level stands have led to the current segregation of morphologically similar species within the H. weddi group in the region between Australia and Southeast Asia.

New York Entomological Society
John T. Polhemus and Dan A. Polhemus "A Review of the Genus Hermatobates (Heteroptera: Hermatobatidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species," Entomologica Americana 118(1), (24 January 2013).
Published: 24 January 2013

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