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1 May 2016 New and little-known miridae from French Guyana and neighbouring areas (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)
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New data on thirty-four species of plant bugs (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae) of French Guyana are provided. This number includes descriptions of two new species, Papaveronia matocqi sp. nov. and Urucuiana linnavuorii sp. nov., and thirty-two species cited for the first time from this country: Amapacylapus amapariensis Carvalho and Fontes, 1968; Calondas fasciatus Distant, 1884; Ceratocapsus brunneus Henry, 1983; Creontiades rubrinervis (Stål, 1862); Cylapocoris fulvusWolski, 2013; Cylapocoris simplexWolski, 2013; Cyrtocapsus xinguanus Carvalho, 1984; Engytatus varians (Distant, 1884); Henicocnemis amazonicusCarvalho and Costa, 1993; Horciasinus humeralis (Berg, 1892); Horciasoides minensis (Carvalho, 1976); Horciasoides notatus (Distant, 1884); Horciasoides plagosus (Distant, 1884); Krainacoris rondoniensisCarvalho and Costa, 1993; Macrolophus cuiabanus Carvalho, 1945; Macrolophus praeclarus Distant, 1884; Minytus cuiabanusCarvalho, 1975; Monalocorisca conspurcata Reuter, 1913; Monalonion atratum Distant, 1883; Neoleucon panamensis Carvalho, 1988; Neostenotus bifasciatus (Carvalho and Fontes, 1972); Notholopus nigerCarvalho and Costa, 1992; Notholopus sulcaticornis (Stål, 1860); Poeas goianaCarvalho, 1989; Prepops circummaculatus (Stål, 1854); Prepops tupianus Carvalho and Fontes, 1970; Proba vittiscutis (Stål, 1860); Pycnoderes amapaensis Carvalho, 1984; Pycnoderes atratus (Distant, 1884); Spartacus albatus Distant, 1884; Taedia dispersaCarvalho and Costa, 1993 and Trigonotylus tenuis (Reuter, 1893). Neostenotus bifasciatus is also cited for the first time from Suriname.

New York Entomological Society
Frédéric Chérot and Diego Leonardo Carpintero "New and little-known miridae from French Guyana and neighbouring areas (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)," Entomologica Americana 122(1-2), 82-96, (1 May 2016).
Published: 1 May 2016

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