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1 November 2017 List of true bug taxa described by Rauno E. Linnavuori (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)
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A list of 96 available genus-group taxa, 1459 available species-group taxa and 5 unavailable infrasubspecific taxa of Heteroptera described by Rauno E. Linnavuori is compiled. One new substitute name, Phytocoris (Eriamiris) rostriformis nom. nov., is proposed to replace the junior homonym Phytocoris rostratus Linnavuori, 2000b (Miridae). Taylorilygus nairobiensis nigricollis Linnavuori, 1974a is recognized as an available name and senior objective synonym of Taylorilygus nairobiensis atricollis Linnavuori, 1975f, syn. nov. (Miridae). Lectotype of Taylorilygus nairobiensis nigricollis is designated. Two new combinations are proposed: Chinavia amosi (Linnavuori, 1982) comb. nov. and Chinavia aequalis (Linnavuori, 1972) comb. nov. (both transferred from the genus Acrosternum Fieber, 1860) (Pentatomidae). Status of Sciocoris (Neosciocoris) othmanus Linnavuori, 1972 as synonym of Sciocoris (Neosciocoris) conspurcatus Klug, 1845 is confirmed. Placement of Orthotylus problematicus Linnavuori, 1953b (Miridae) in the nominotypical subgenus Orthotylus Fieber, 1858 is confirmed based on examination of male genitalia. Tuponia (Tuponia) luniensis Linnavuori, 1974c (Miridae) is placed in the nominotypical subgenus Tuponia Reuter, 1875. Paralaemocoris (Laemocoris) linnavuorii Kerzhner, 1970 (=Paralaemocoris (Laemocoris) ahngeri Reuter, 1901, misidentification) is formally designated as type species of the subgenus Laemocorella Linnavuori, 1964 (Miridae), and Afraethus bistortus Linnavuori, 1993 (=Aethus pallipennis Dallas, 1851, misidentification) is formally designated as type species of the genus Afraethus Linnavuori, 1977 (Cydnidae), both by action of the First Reviser according to Articles 70.3 and 70.3.2 of ICZN (1999). Metacanthus linnavuorii Péricart, 1976 (Berytidae) is found to be an unavailable name.

The type status (syntype / holotype / lectotype) and/or the first publication of the name as available is clarified for the following taxa: Cryptostemma (Harpago) castaneovitreus Linnavuori, 1951b (Dipsocoridae), Hebrus (Hebrus) ilaira Cobben and Linnavuori, 1981 in Linnavuori (1981) (Hebridae), Aloea Linnavuori, 1975f, Bowdenella gloriosa Linnavuori, 1974e, Bowdenella hirtula Linnavuori, 1974e, Collaria nigra Linnavuori, 1974f, Horvathiella umbrina Linnavuori, 1974e, Oreolygus Linnavuori, 1975f, Orthotylus junipericolus frigidus Linnavuori, 1974e, Orthotylus junipericolus junipericolus Linnavuori, 1974e, Orthotylus maesae Linnavuori, 1974e, Orthotylus rubidus Linnavuori, 1974e, Orthotylus viridipennis Linnavuori, 1974e, Paurolygus ciliaris Linnavuori, 1974e, Pilophorus erraticus Linnavuori, 1962e, Pleurochilophorus rubrinervis Linnavuori, 1974f, Psallus senjoensis Linnavuori, 1961f, Yambio Linnavuori, 1975f, Yambio chaetacme Linnavuori, 1974e, Yambio clavicornis Linnavuori, 1974e (all Miridae), Holotrichius nitidicollis Linnavuori, 1964a (Reduviidae), Myla abyssinia Linnavuori, 1971e, Myla graciloides Linnavuori, 1971e (Coreidae), Geocoris paradoxus Linnavuori, 1954a, Geocoris paradoxus var. punctiger Linnavuori, 1954a (Geocoridae), Acrosternum aequale Linnavuori, 1972f, Acrosternum apicale Linnavuori, 1972f, Durmia circe Linnavuori, 1972 in Gillon (19

Petr Kment and Attilio Carapezza "List of true bug taxa described by Rauno E. Linnavuori (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)," Entomologica Americana 122(4), 528-621, (1 November 2017).
Published: 1 November 2017

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