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1 June 2006 Comparison of Cockroach Traps and Attractants for Monitoring German Cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)
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Studies were conducted in large arenas and simulated kitchens to compare the effectiveness of eight traps (seven sticky traps and one jar trap) and five attractants for monitoring German cockroaches (Blattella germanica L.). The evaluated traps were Trapper (type 9110–1), Catchmaster 150, 1001, and 2881, Victor-M330, Victor-M327, Glue board in D-Sect station, and a baby food jar trap. In choice tests, Victor-M330 consistently caught the most and Catchmaster 150 caught the fewest cockroaches. Numbers in the Victor-M330 were 78- and 36-fold greater than in the Catchmaster 150 in the large arena and simulated kitchen experiments, respectively. Sticky traps caught proportionally more small nymphs than large nymphs. Baby food jar trap samples had significantly greater adult/total ratio and large nymph/nymph ratios than the sticky trap samples. In addition, baby food jar trap catches had significantly lower male/adult ratio than Catchmaster 1001 and Victor-M327 trap catches. Flat Trapper traps caught significantly more cockroaches than the assembled (triangular) Trapper traps. Bread with beer, peanut butter, Trapper roach attractant, NAF430 gel bait, and Invite lure were compared in choice tests for their effect on sticky trap catches in simulated kitchens. All attractants significantly increased the number of cockroaches trapped in sticky traps compared with an unbaited trap. Bread with beer was by far the most attractive bait, increasing trap catches by 34-fold over the unbaited control. Baited sticky traps may have much greater efficacy than nonbaited traps for monitoring and controlling German cockroach infestations.

Changlu Wang and Gary W. Bennett "Comparison of Cockroach Traps and Attractants for Monitoring German Cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)," Environmental Entomology 35(3), 765-770, (1 June 2006).
Received: 27 July 2005; Accepted: 1 March 2006; Published: 1 June 2006

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