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1 July 2014 Secretion marking with preorbital glands in goitered gazelle, Gazellasubgutturosa (Artiodactyla: Bovidae)
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Scent marking is a widespread component of mammal communication and important in the maintenance of territories as a form of status signal advertising territorial ownership, and potential source of information on the quality and competitive ability of the signaller. Marking behaviour with preorbital glands is a common research topic for tropical antelopes, while such behaviour in goitered gazelles, until now, has been poorly understood. We investigated this behaviour in goitered gazelles and found that adult males marked with their preorbital glands all year round, but especially intensively during the rut and most often while patrolling their territories and chasing females; rarely did they mark during territorial conflicts. Adult males preferred to mark the most conspicuous eatable shrubs that reached close to the height of the male. With a few minor exceptions, goitered gazelle performed marking behaviours in a manner similar to other antelope species, and overall did not show any distinctive differences. Preorbital marking behaviour as an essential part of social organization demonstrated its conservatism, but environmental factors also had their impacts, which led to considerable quantitative seasonal fluctuations in marking behaviour.

David A. Blank, Kathreen Ruckstuhl, and Weikang Yang "Secretion marking with preorbital glands in goitered gazelle, Gazellasubgutturosa (Artiodactyla: Bovidae)," Folia Zoologica 63(2), 127-136, (1 July 2014).
Received: 24 February 2013; Accepted: 1 June 2014; Published: 1 July 2014

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