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1 December 2015 Four New Taxa of the Genus Echeveria from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico
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Four new taxa of the genus Echeveria from the Mixteca Alta region, Oaxaca, are described and illustrated: Echeveria longissima subsp. brachyantha, E. nuyooensis, E. triquiana, and Echeveria uhlii subsp. coelestis. The first is a variant of Echeveria longissima var. longissima and E. longissima var. aztatlensis from which it differs mainly in the shorter corolla, short pedicels, longer stems and its habitat above 2500 m to the south of the localities of the two other known taxa in the series Longistylae E. Walther. The second taxon belongs to series Spicatae (Baker) A. Berger and is related to E. australis (Nudae), E. pittieri and E. tencho. Its distinguishing factors are size of the floral stem, inflorescence in form of a thyrse, and white nectaries. The third taxon is compared to E. fulgens and E. gibbiflora from which it differs mainly in shorter stems, short floral stem, pink-colored corolla, thick leaves, and white nectaries with reddish margins. The fourth taxon is a subspecies of E. uhlii of series Racemosae (Baker) Berger, differing in its bigger size.

Jerónimo Reyes Santiago, Christian Brachet Ize, Omar González Zorzano, Angeles Islas Luna, and Lilian López Chávez "Four New Taxa of the Genus Echeveria from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico," Haseltonia 2015(21), (1 December 2015).
Published: 1 December 2015

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