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1 March 2012 A Cytotaxonomic Survey of the Genus Melanophryniscus Gallardo, 1961 (Anura: Bufonidae)
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We present a cytogenetic survey of the basal bufonid genus Melanophryniscus that covered 14 of the 25 species currently recognized, representing the three phenetic species groups: M. moreirae, M. stelzneri, and M. tumifrons. All species presented a diploid chromosome complement constituted by 11 bi-armed chromosome pairs (2n  =  2x  =  22; FN  =  44). Some remarkable differences were observed between species groups: chromosome pair 4 was metacentric in species of the M. tumifrons group (also with a distinctive C-positive block) but submetacentric in the M. stelzneri group and M. sanmartini (M. moreirae group); pair 5 was submetacentric in M. sanmartini and metacentric in the rest. Chromosome secondary constrictions and silver-stained nucleolar organizer regions were located either in pair 5, 7, or 8 in the M. tumifrons group, M. sanmartini and M. krauczuki (M. stelzneri group), and M. stelzneri group, respectively; and pair 7 was relatively larger in M. sanmartini and M. krauczuki. Studied cytogenetic characters support the M. tumifrons group and suggest a close relationship between M. krauczuki and M. sanmartini. These results call for a reassessment of species relations within Melanophryniscus under an inclusive phylogenetic study.
Diego Baldo, Leonardo Cotichelli, Martín O. Pereyra, Claudio Borteiro, Flavia Netto, Francisco Kolenc, Francisco Brusquetti and Claudio Bidau "A Cytotaxonomic Survey of the Genus Melanophryniscus Gallardo, 1961 (Anura: Bufonidae)," Journal of Herpetology 46(1), (1 March 2012).

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