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1 January 2015 Cytogenetics Analysis and Testis Morphology of Aquatic Species of the Families Belostomatidae, Gelastocoridae, Gerridae, Notonectidae, and Veliidae (Heteroptera)
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The Heteroptera have holocentric chromosomes with kinetic activity restricted to the end of chromosomes.The first meiotic division is reductional for the autosomes and equational for the sexual. Only a few species of this suborder have been analyzed. In this study, we observed the morphologies of the testes of the Heteroptera species Belostoma anurum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1948), Belostoma micantulum (Stal, 1858), Gelastocoris angulatus (Melin, 1929), Gelastocoris flavus flavus (Guérin-Méneville, 1844), Rheumatobates crassifemur crassifemur (Esaki, 1926), Buenoa amnigenus (White, 1879), Buenoa unguis (Truxal, 1953), Martarega brasiliensis (Truxal, 1949),Martarega membranácea (White, 1879), Martarega uruguayensis (Berg, 1883), Rhagovelia tenuipes (Champion, 1898) and Rhagovelia zela (Drake, 1959).We found that the testes of these species can be round, round/spiral, or elongated/spiral. The size of the prophase I cells was found to vary, with the smallest ones being detected in B. micantulum and Rha. zela, the largest in G. f. flavus, and ones of intermediate size in R. c. crassifemur and M. brasiliensis. With respect to the chromosome complement, we verified the presence of 2n=16 (14A XY, B. micantulum and G. angulatus), 21 (20A X0, R. c. crassifemur), 23 (22A X0, Rha. zela and Rha. tenuipes), 25 (24A X0, Bu. amnigenus and Bu. unguis; 22A 2m X0, M. membranacea), 27 (24A 2m X0, M. brasiliensis and M. uruguayensis), 29 (26A X1X2Y, B. anurum), and 35 (30A X1X2X3X4Y, G. f. flavus).We found that the features of spermatogenesis in these species are similar to those of other previously described Heteroptera species, differing only in testicular morphology, chromosome number, and sex chromosome system.

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Luis Lenin Vicente Pereira, Kaio Cesar Chaboli Alevi, Márcia Maria Urbanin Castanhole, Felipe Ferraz Figueiredo Moreira, Julianna Freires Barbosa, and Mary Massumi Itoyama "Cytogenetics Analysis and Testis Morphology of Aquatic Species of the Families Belostomatidae, Gelastocoridae, Gerridae, Notonectidae, and Veliidae (Heteroptera)," Journal of Insect Science 15(1), 1-10, (1 January 2015).
Received: 13 June 2013; Accepted: 1 December 2014; Published: 1 January 2015

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