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1 February 2007 Fine Structure of the Eggshell of the Blow Fly, Lucilia cuprina
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The fine structure of the eggshell of blow fly, Lucilia cuprina (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Calliphoridae), was examined using scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Eggs, 1.09±0.07 mm in length and 0.25±0.05 mm in width, bore a relatively wide plastron that extending along almost the entire length. The polygonal pattern of chorionic sculpture was indistinct. The ultrathin section indicated a multi-layered eggshell having an exochorion, outer endochorion, pillars, an inner endochorion, innermost chorionic layer, and a wax layer. This study provides new information about the fine morphology of blow flies eggs. A key to differentiate the eggs of forensically important flies in Thailand is given.

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Kabkaew L. Sukontason, Nophawan Bunchu, Tarinee Chaiwong, Budsabong Kuntalue, and Kom Sukontason "Fine Structure of the Eggshell of the Blow Fly, Lucilia cuprina," Journal of Insect Science 7(9), 1-8, (1 February 2007).
Received: 7 November 2005; Accepted: 1 June 2006; Published: 1 February 2007

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