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30 August 2019 Late Permian rugose corals from Gyanyima of Drhada, Tibet (Xizang), Southwest China
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The rugose corals described in this study were collected from the Gyanyima section in the Ngari region of southwestern Tibet (Xizang) and are assigned to three genera and 11 species, including a new genus and seven new species: Waagenophyllum (Waagenophyllum) ngariense He, 1990; W. (W.) elegantulum He in Luo et al., 1989; W. (W.) minutum Zhao, 1981; W. (W.) tachtabulasicumIlyina, 1997; W. (W.) gyanyimaense n. sp., W. (W.) intermedium n. sp., Waagenophyllum (Liangshanophyllum) clisicolumellum n. sp., Ipciphyllum naoticum n. sp., I. floricolumellum n. sp., I. zandaense n. sp., and Gyanyimaphyllum crassiseptatum n. gen. n. sp. Ontogeny and intraspecific variation are given special attention when describing and discussing these taxa. Coral reefs, with Waagenophyllum as the major skeletal reef builder, occur in several horizons in the uppermost part of the section. The accompanying foraminifers indicate the rugose coral fauna is a late Permian Changhsingian age. Therefore, this is possibly one of the latest Permian rugose coral reefs in the world known up to now.

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Xiaojuan Wang, Xiangdong Wang, Yichun Zhang, Changqun Cao, and Dongjin Lee "Late Permian rugose corals from Gyanyima of Drhada, Tibet (Xizang), Southwest China," Journal of Paleontology 93(5), 856-875, (30 August 2019).
Accepted: 1 May 2019; Published: 30 August 2019

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