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1 October 2012 Two New Species of Schizorchis (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from Leporids (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) in China
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Four specimens of wild leporids, Lepus capensis Linnaeus, 1758, in Longde County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NXHAR), and 40 domestic rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus (Linnaeus, 1758) (20 from Xiji County, NXHAR, and 20 from Jingning County, Gansu Province) were examined for the presence of helminth parasites. Two new cestode species of Schizorchis Hansen, 1948 (Anoplocephalidae), were found: Schizorchis sinensis sp. n. from L. capensis and Schizorchis oryctolagi sp. n. from domestic rabbits. Schizorchis sinensis sp. n. is distinguished from all the species in the genus from pikas, Ochotona spp. (Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae) by having much longer strobila, a larger cirrus sac, a greater number of segments, and more numerous testes. The morphology of S. oryctolagi n. sp. is most similar to that of S. sinensis. It is distinguished from the latter species by its relatively small strobila, larger number of segments, smaller size of eggs, and much larger cirrus sac, which is substantially extending in a medial direction. In addition, a genital papilla is present in S. sinensis, but absent in S. oryctolagi. These findings indicate that species of Schizorchis are widespread in leporid mammals, contrary to the widespread opinion that the latter genus is specific to ochotonid lagomorph mammals. They are congruent, however, with the hypothesis of a close phylogenetic relationship between species of Schizorchis and Mosgovoyia. The occurrence of Schizorchis spp. in leporids is considered relict, vestigial from wider geographical and host ranges of this parasite genus during the Pleistocene.

American Society of Parasitologists
Kuizheng Cai, Jialin Bai, and Shien Chen "Two New Species of Schizorchis (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from Leporids (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) in China," Journal of Parasitology 98(5), (1 October 2012).
Received: 19 March 2012; Accepted: 1 May 2012; Published: 1 October 2012

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