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1 October 1987 Plasma Marking of Arctic Foxes with lophenoxic Acid
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Six arctic foxes (Alopex lagopus) were marked with iophenoxic acid (IA), a substance which elevates concentrations of protein-bound iodine in blood plasma. Buccal absorption of IA was determined by placing 20 mg IA dissolved in 100% ethyl alcohol on the tongue. Blood samples collected from 1 to 36 wk following exposure showed that all foxes were marked already at 1 wk and continued until 13 wk; two foxes were still marked at 36 wk. Clearance rates for iodine varied with initial dose response, and those foxes with high 1-wk iodine concentrations excreted iodine more rapidly than those with lower initial concentrations; by 13-wk excretion rates were similar.

Follmann, Savarie, Ritter, and Baer: Plasma Marking of Arctic Foxes with lophenoxic Acid
Erich H. Follmann, Peter J. Savarie, Donald G. Ritter, and George M. Baer "Plasma Marking of Arctic Foxes with lophenoxic Acid," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 23(4), 709-712, (1 October 1987).
Received: 10 February 1986; Published: 1 October 1987

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