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1 October 2006 Long-lasting Systemic Bait Markers for Eurasian Badgers
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This study was carried out to assess whether Rhodamine B, ethyl-iophenoxic acid (EtIPA), and propyl-iophenoxic acid (PrIPA) can be used as long-lasting systemic bait markers for free-living badgers (Meles meles). Between June and November 2003, these chemicals were incorporated into bait distributed around badger setts. Serum, hair, and whiskers from individually marked badgers were collected in the following 4 to 24 wk. Rhodamine B was detectable as fluorescent bands up to 24 wk after ingestion of the bait. Individual badgers were found positive for EtIPA and PrIPA up to 20 wk and 18 wk after exposure, respectively. This study indicates that Rhodamine B, PrIPA, and EtIPA could be used as long-lasting markers for badgers.

Cagnacci, Massei, Coats, de Leeuw, and Cowan: Long-lasting Systemic Bait Markers for Eurasian Badgers
Francesca Cagnacci, Giovanna Massei, Julia Coats, Anton de Leeuw, and David P. Cowan "Long-lasting Systemic Bait Markers for Eurasian Badgers," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 42(4), 892-896, (1 October 2006).
Received: 20 October 2004; Published: 1 October 2006

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