VOL. 70 · NO. 2 | April 2006

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Journal of Wildlife Management
Invited Paper
70(2), 321-323, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[321:ITTSSO]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Bayesian, caribou, discrete-choice, habitat selection, logistic regression, metrics, mule deer, Northern Spotted Owl, Odocoileus hemionus, Rangifer tarandus, resource selection, Strix occidentalis caurina, utilization distribution
70(2), 324-336, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[324:SDATFC]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Availability, food selection, habitat selection, preference, resource selection, use, weighted distributions
70(2), 337-346, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[337:DAAORS]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: preference, STATISTICAL METHODS, use versus availability
70(2), 347-357, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[347:RSFBOU]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: bias, contaminated control, habitat modeling, logistic discriminate, logistic regression, resource selection function, RSF, sampling design, use–availability, validation
70(2), 358-366, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[358:MFSORS]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Availability, currencies of use, discrete choice analysis, resource selection, risk assessment
70(2), 367-374, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[367:MTPORU]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: absence, detectability, habitat modeling, occupancy models, occurrence, PRESENCE, resource selection
70(2), 375-383, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[375:DMIWSE]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: foraging, managed forest, RSF, Strix occidentalis caurina, telemetry, timber harvest
70(2), 384-395, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[384:AORSUU]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: bandwidth, compositional analysis, habitat use, kernel, Poisson regression, radio-tracking, resource selection, SPATIAL AUTOCORRELATION, utilization distribution
Invited Article
70(2), 396-403, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[396:WHSOMD]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: generalized linear model (GLM), global positioning system (GPS), habitat selection, mule deer, natural gas development, negative binomial, Odocoileus hemionus, resource selection probability function (RSPF), Wyoming
Invited Paper
70(2), 404-412, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[404:ABREDM]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Bayesian, caribou, discrete-choice, habitat, random effects, resource selection
Research Article
70(2), 413-421, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[413:ALTIMD]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: lead, lead toxicosis, Missouri, mourning doves, Pb, Pb toxicosis, spent shot, Zenaida macroura
70(2), 422-434, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[422:COHRUP]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Biotelemetry, convex hulls, home-range analysis, point peeling
70(2), 435-442, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[435:BMOEPP]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Branta canadensis, brood, Canada geese, Chen caerulescens, Eastern Prairie Population, Hudson Bay, light geese, Manitoba, telemetry
70(2), 443-449, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[443:SODBIT]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Alaska, boreal forest, capture–recapture, duck survival, population dynamics, sampling probability, survival probability
70(2), 450-459, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[450:ABDAMB]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: aerial survey, Agricultural landscape, American Black Duck, Anas platyrhynchos, Anas rubripes, breeding, habitat model, mallard, southern Québec
70(2), 460-471, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[460:FAHUBA]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: ACGRP, Appalachian Mountains, Bonasa umbellus, habitat use, landscape composition, resource selection, ruffed grouse, strength of selection
70(2), 472-478, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[472:TPPARB]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: age, blood chemistry, Centrocercus urophasianus, dietary protein, greater sage-grouse, maternal condition, nest initiation date, nest predation, nutrition, renesting, total plasma protein
70(2), 479-484, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[479:ENOGPU]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: detectability, greater prairie-chicken, Kansas, mark–resight, NOREMARK, population estimation, Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus
70(2), 485-492, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[485:AHIWPU]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: dispersal, gene flow, genetic, hybridization, introduction, Meleagris gallopavo, microsatellite, mitochondria, subspecies, Texas, translocation, wild turkey
70(2), 493-504, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[493:PTDTIM]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: audiovisual surveys, California, Marbled Murrelet, monitoring, populations, power, radar surveys
70(2), 505-516, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[505:EOAARS]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: audiovisual surveys, detectability, Marbled Murrelet, old growth, radar surveys
Research Note
70(2), 517-521, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[517:EOSFOP]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: body fat, Colinus virginianus, northern bobwhite, physiological condition, supplemental feeding, Texas
No abstract available
Research Article
70(2), 522-531, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[522:IOMAON]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: California, Dendroica petechia, Empidonax oberholseri, Empidonax traillii, mammalian predator activity, montane meadows, neotropical migrants, nest predation, Sierra Nevada
70(2), 532-538, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[532:FIAFNS]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Acadian Flycatcher, Core area, corridors, ecological trap, edge effect, Empidonax virescens, nesting success, pine plantations, South Carolina, vegetation structure
70(2), 539-545, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[539:IEOEHO]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Cervus elaphus, Corvus corax, elk harvest, fall distribution, foraging, gutpile, Jackson Hole, population density, raven
70(2), 546-553, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[546:DPAHVO]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: chronic wasting disease (CWD), disease prevalence, epidemiology, harvest vulnerability, Odocoileus virginianus, prion, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE), white-tailed deer, Wisconsin
70(2), 554-563, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[554:HSBRWI]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Canis lupus, corridors, dispersal, habitat selection, northern Rocky Mountains, recovery, wolves
70(2), 564-571, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[564:FINBNS]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Colinus virginianus, nest fate, nest-site selection, neural network modeling, northern bobwhite
70(2), 572-578, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[572:SLIBEA]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: avian reproduction, selenium, southeast Idaho
Research Note
70(2), 584-587, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[584:LSROCM]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: adult survival, bycatch, Common Murre, Newfoundland, sex bias, Uria aalge
No abstract available
70(2), 588-593, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[588:DFDOAR]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: anticoagulant rodenticide, barn owl, bromadiolone, Buteo buteo, Buzzard, difenacoum, foot-and-mouth disease, liver residue, secondary exposure, Tyto alba
No abstract available
70(2), 594-599, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[594:EOBRTO]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Abrasion, brood size, fledglings, radiotransmitter, Strix aluco, survival
No abstract available
70(2), 600-606, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[600:IOMROB]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: bird populations, bison, breeding birds, cattle, distance sampling, grassland birds, Great Plains, large herbivores, mixed-grass prairie
No abstract available
70(2), 607-611, (1 April 2006) https://doi.org/10.2193/0022-541X(2006)70[607:ADITGF]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: age determination, Australia, cementum layers, flying fox, Pteropus poliocephalus, teeth
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