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1 August 2008 Editorial
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We are delighted to announce that the first meetings of Neotropical Primates' new editorial team were held at the 22nd Congress of the International Primatological Society in Edinburgh in August 2008. All members of the team were able to attend and Anthony B. Rylands was on hand to offer advice (see photo below). This was a rare opportunity to meet up and discuss a range of issues related to the journal, including the role and responsibilities of the Editors and Editorial Board, ways to improve the referee process, revisions to the format, as well as future directions for the publication. A key issue that emerged during the meetings was, the importance of including information about ongoing field projects, news items and abstracts of completed theses and dissertations, therefore we strongly encourage authors to summit texts on these topics. Neotropical Primates has become an extremely valuable resource over the years. Its broad scope, open publication policy, and accessibility mean that it is uniquely placed to disseminate information about New World Primates.

Sadly, habitat destruction and hunting are increasing threats to primates. Together with the unpredictable impacts of global climate change, they pose a complex challenge for those concerned with the conservation of primates and the ecosystems they inhabit. It is important that we remain optimistic and endeavor to be more creative in our conservation actions. Neotropical Primates aims to contribute to discussions both directly and indirectly linked to primate conservation and thus to foster the preservation of these unique animals.

Editorial Team with Anthony B. Rylands. From left: Brenda Solorzano, Erwin Palacios, Liza M. Veiga, Liliana Cortés-Ortiz, Jessica Lynch Alfaro, Eckhard Heymann, and Júlio C. Bicca-Marques. Missing Ernesto Rodriguez-Luna.

Published: 1 August 2008

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