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1 March 2007 Two New Species in the Tillandsia utriculata Complex (Bromeliaceae) from Mexico
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Two new species in the Tillandsia utriculata (L.) L. complex (Bromeliaceae) from Mexico are proposed. Both are herein described and illustrated with their affinities discussed. The first new entity, T. aesii I. Ramírez & Carnevali from the states of Jalisco, Guerrero, and Oaxaca, is similar to T. makoyana Baker, but the new taxon has an open rosette with leaves that are green adaxially and white lepidote abaxially (vs. a funnelform rosette with gray leaves on both surfaces in T. makoyana), actinomorphic flowers with a light apple-green corolla (vs. zygomorphic with a purple to light purple corolla). The second taxon proposed here, T. pinicola I. Ramírez & Carnevali, from the state of Oaxaca, is also similar to T. makoyana, but is a smaller plant with a more compact growth habit and leaves with proportionally shorter leaf blades that abruptly attenuate from a broad sheath (vs. gradually attenuate into the proportionally longer blade) into a sub-acicular apex. It is also characterized by typically growing on pines, hence the epithet.

Ivón M. Ramírez M and Germán Carnevali F. C "Two New Species in the Tillandsia utriculata Complex (Bromeliaceae) from Mexico," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 17(1), 72-78, (1 March 2007).[72:TNSITT]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 March 2007

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