Politics and the Life Sciences
Politics and the Life Sciences publishes work on the intersection of political science and the life sciences, and embraces interdisciplinary approaches to address this intersection in innovative ways.

Below are lists of this title's Most Read and Most Recently Cited articles. The Most Read articles are the articles which have been downloaded the most on the new platform. The Most Recently Cited articles list uses Crossref cited-by data (downloaded on the 1st and 15th of each month) to automatically identify papers which have received the most new citations over the last month. The articles that appear here are not those which have received the most citations in total, but rather the articles which have been cited most often most recently.

Most Read Articles

The Affordable Care Act and Abortion

Deborah R. McFarlane, et al. (2015)

The Consuming Instinct

Gad Saad, et al. (2013)

The politics of the Earth: Environmental discourses

Jennifer Peeples, et al. (2008)

Can virtue be genetically engineered?

Larry Arnhart, et al. (2010)

Most Recently Cited Articles

Public attitudes toward biofuels

Michael A. Cacciatore, et al. (2012)

Enhancing genetic virtue

Mark Walker, et al. (2009)

In sickness and in health

Peter Söderlund, et al. (2015)

What do we know about suicide bombing?

Veronica Ward, et al. (2018)

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