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1 November 2008 The Time is Now: Survival of the Douc Langurs of Son Tra, Vietnam
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Red-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus) groups were located in the Son Tra Nature Reserve, Da Nang, Vietnam, and two preliminary censuses were undertaken in December 2006 and April 2007. Several teams located and counted Douc Langur groups by direct observation. Large numbers of groups with multiple members were located at various sites in the nature reserve. These findings are highly significant because reports over the last several years have recorded low numbers of Douc groups, and some have predicted an entire loss of doucs in Son Tra Nature Reserve. The numbers of Douc groups and individuals is also very significant since they may represent at least 60% of all of the living red shank Douc Langurs in Vietnam.

Lois K. Lippold and Vu Ngoc Thanh "The Time is Now: Survival of the Douc Langurs of Son Tra, Vietnam," Primate Conservation 23(1), 75-79, (1 November 2008).
Received: 14 January 2008; Accepted: 8 February 2008; Published: 1 November 2008

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