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1 December 2018 Estudio Comparativo Sobre la Presencia de “Gallina Ciega” y Otros Insectos Subterráneos en Potreros del Municipio de Xico, Veracruz, México
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From bimonthly and quarterly collections on the ground at three ranches in the municipality of Xico, Veracruz, Mexico in 2015 and 2016, 779 specimens in 62 monoliths representing 58 taxa (86% Coleoptera) were obtained, Scarabaeoidea with 26 species or morphospecies was dominant. The samples shared three of the 26 species. Cocoxatla and Temascalapa ranches shared five species, Temascalapa and Xamalapa shared nine species, and Xamalapa and Cocoxatla shared six species, representing a large amount of species replacement. In 2015, abundance was greatest (144 specimens) at Xamalapa, and greatest richness (14 species) was at Temascalapa and Xamalapa. In 2016, Ranch in Xamalapa recorded most abundance (44 individuals) and greatest species richness (11 species). At the three localities, eight and 14 species or morphospecies of edaphic beetles were identified. This showed proportionately greater values of specific diversity; the region has a long history of modification of natural communities, like predominance of exotic grasses. Data obtained in the samples in sunny or partially shaded grass included 20 species or morphospecies, only four species were shared by the three ranches. The dominant species were Hoplia, Phyllophaga, Paranomala, Strigoderma, Epectinaspis, and Pachystethus. The “white grub” species potentially harmful to roots of grasses are Phyllophaga tenuipilis (Bates), Ph. menetriesi (Blanchard), and Ph. testaceipennis (Blanchard), none found at densities greater than five larvae of third instar per square meter. Among the species beneficial by their abundance and habits of incorporating nutrients, helping circulate air, and circulating air and assisting in movement of air and water in the soil are Hoplia squamifera Burmeister, Ataenius spp., and Germarostes sinuatus (Bates).
Miguel Ángel Morón†, César V. Rojas-Gómez and Roberto Arce-Pérez "Estudio Comparativo Sobre la Presencia de “Gallina Ciega” 1 y Otros Insectos Subterráneos en Potreros del Municipio de Xico, Veracruz, México," Southwestern Entomologist 43(4), (1 December 2018).

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