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1 October 2007 Winter Home-range Characteristics of American Marten (Martes Americana) in Northern Wisconsin
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We estimated home-range size for American marten (Martes americana) in northern Wisconsin during the winter months of 2001–2004, and compared the proportion of cover-type selection categories (highly used, neutral and avoided) among home-ranges (95% fixed-kernel), core areas (50% fixed-kernel) and the study area. Average winter home-range size was 3.29 km2 with home-ranges of males (n  =  8, mean  =  4.25 km2) significantly larger than females (n  =  5, mean  =  2.32 km2). Composition of cover-type selection categories in home-ranges differed significantly from what was available in the study area (X2  =  6.9145, df  =  2, P > 0.0315) with more highly used habitat and less avoided habitat than expected. Consistent with research in other regions, 72% of an American marten home-range contained highly used cover-types and 18% of a home-range contained avoided types with the remainder of the average home-range composed of neutral cover-types. This suggests that Wisconsin American martens select habitat at the home-range scale based on the occurrence of highly used and avoided cover types. Proportions of selection categories in core areas did not differ significantly from what was available in the study area or in home-ranges. Core areas were significantly smaller than home-ranges and this observation combined with the lack of cover-type selection at the core area scale suggests that American martens select core areas based upon micro-site features (e.g., rest sites) rather than broad-scale cover types. The findings presented here may assist wildlife managers in management activities by identifying potentially suitable habitat.

JOSEPH B. DUMYAHN, PATRICK A. ZOLLNER, and JONATHAN H. GILBERT "Winter Home-range Characteristics of American Marten (Martes Americana) in Northern Wisconsin," The American Midland Naturalist 158(2), (1 October 2007).[382:WHCOAM]2.0.CO;2
Received: 14 September 2006; Accepted: 1 April 2007; Published: 1 October 2007

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