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1 September 2001 Plagiochila rutilans (Hepaticae): A Poorly Known Species from Tropical America
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The neotropical liverwort, Plagiochila rutilans Lindenb., is conspecific with P. remotifolia Hampe & Gottsche, P. farlowii Steph., P. harrisana Steph, and P. organensis Herzog. Plagiochila standleyi Carl is reduced to a variety of P. rutilans. Plagiochila gymnocalycina (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Mont. and P. portoricensis Hampe & Gottsche (= P. simplex (Sw.) Lindenb.) are excluded from the synonymy of P. rutilans. Plagiochila rutilans var. liebmanniana Gottsche is a synonym of P. crispabilis Lindenb.; P. rutilans var. laxa Lindenb. and var. angustifolia Herzog are conspecific with P. gymnocalycina. Sporophytes of P. rutilans are described for the first time. Fresh material of P. rutilans exhibits a distinct odor of peppermint caused by the presence of several menthane monoterpenoids, principally pulegone. NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) fingerprints and GC-MS data indicate that the lipophilic secondary metabolite profiles are distinct for the two varieties accepted in this study.

Jochen Heinrichs, Henk Groth, S. Rob Gradstein, David S. Rycroft, W. John Cole, and Hermann Anton "Plagiochila rutilans (Hepaticae): A Poorly Known Species from Tropical America," The Bryologist 104(3), (1 September 2001).[0350:PRHAPK]2.0.CO;2
Received: 21 November 2000; Accepted: 1 March 2001; Published: 1 September 2001

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