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1 April 2014 Fictionalized facts; “The Young Fossil Hunters” by Charles H. Sternberg
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“As the explorer approaches the beds of the Niobrara Group, he often sees in the distance a city of imposing grandeur. Wide streets, lined with buildings of dazzling whiteness meet his eye, and only a near approach will convince him that he is looking at nature's handiwork. The rains of ages have cut and fashioned the soft limestone into the semblance of cities.” Charles H. Sternberg, “The Niobrara Group.” (1881)“On the fırst day of May, 1876, three young men were seated around a campfıre at Buffalo Station on the Kansas Division of the Union Pacifıc Railway in western Kansas. The party was in the immediate employ of Professor E. D. Cope, the noted paleontologist of the United States Geological Survey… Is this the enchanted city of the Arabian Nights?… We see indeed a beautiful city but it is the city of the dead.” C. H. Sternberg, “The Young Fossil Hunters: A True Story of Western Exploration and Adventure.” (1889)“What vivid memories I have of that fırst expedition! Memories of countless hardships and splendid results.” Charles H. Sternberg The Life of a Fossil Hunter. (1909)
Jane P. Davidson and Michael J. Everhart "Fictionalized facts; “The Young Fossil Hunters” by Charles H. Sternberg," Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 117(1-2), (1 April 2014).

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