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1 October 2002 Glyphosate Interactions with Manganese
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Abstract: Field experiments were conducted on the Eastern Shore of Virginia from 1999 to 2001 to evaluate the effects of tank mixture applications of isopropylamine or trimethylsulfonium salts of glyphosate with two liquid formulations of manganese (Mn lignin or Mn chelate) on spray solution pH and weed control in glyphosate-resistant soybean. Additions of manganese to herbicide solutions resulted in a reduction in the acidifying effects of the herbicides as well as in the control of common lambsquarters, large crabgrass, morningglory spp., and smooth pigweed. Reduced control caused by manganese could be overcome with higher rates of the herbicides on some species, but reduced control of common lambsquarters was seen when manganese was included with any herbicide application rate. For most species, Mn chelate caused a greater reduction in control than did Mn lignin. Although manganese caused significant decreases in weed control, soybean yield was not influenced by glyphosate salt, application rate, or manganese. Reduced weed control caused by the addition of manganese to herbicide solutions may be due to the complexing of the herbicide formulations, which could result in the formation of insoluble salt complexes that are not readily absorbed through the plant cuticle, resulting in decreased glyphosate phytotoxicity.

Nomenclature: Glyphosate; common lambsquarters, Chenopodium album L. #3 CHEAL; large crabgrass, Digitaria sanguinalis L. # DIGSA; morningglory spp., Ipomoea spp. # IPOSS; smooth pigweed, Amaranthus hybridus L. # AMACH; soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr. ‘Asgrow 5401 RR’.

Additional index words: pH, reduced weed control, tank mixture.

Abbreviations: Ipa, isopropylamine; POST, postemergence; Tms, trimethylsulfonium; WAP, weeks after planting; WAT, weeks after treatment.

William A. Bailey, DANIEL H. POSTON, Henry P. Wilson, and Thomas E. Hines "Glyphosate Interactions with Manganese 1," Weed Technology 16(4), (1 October 2002).[0792:GIWM]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 October 2002

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