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29 August 2003 Cousinia (sect. Haussknechtianae) gatchsaranica, a new species from SW Iran
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Cousinia gatchsaranica from the southwestern Zagros Mts is described as a new species and illustrated. It can be assigned to the hitherto dispecific C. sect. Haussknechtianae and shows closer affinities to C. raphiocephala. The taxonomic position of C. raphiocephala is confirmed on the basis of fruiting material, the description of C. sect. Haussknechtianae is emended and a key to the species of the section provided.

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Iraj Mehregan, Mostafa Assadi, and Farideh Attar "Cousinia (sect. Haussknechtianae) gatchsaranica, a new species from SW Iran," Willdenowia 33(1), 107-111, (29 August 2003).
Published: 29 August 2003

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