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20 December 2011 Three new species of the genus Takulumena (Orchidaceae, Epidendrinae) from Ecuador and Peru
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The genus Takulumena of subtribe Epidendrinae, segregated from Epidendrum in 2006 by Szlachetko and co-authors with two species, T. vazquezii and T. sophronitoides, is easily distinguishable from Epidendrum by the monopodial type of growth and the basal, continuously growing inflorescences. Three new species of Takulumena from Ecuador and Peru are described, illustrated and their taxonomic affinities are briefly outlined. Two further species are transferred to Takulumena from Epidendrum and the corresponding new combinations are made. An identification key to all seven species of Takulumena is provided.

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Dariusz L. Szlachetko, Joanna Mytnik-Ejsmont, Magdalena Dudek, and Marcin Górniak "Three new species of the genus Takulumena (Orchidaceae, Epidendrinae) from Ecuador and Peru," Willdenowia 41(2), 295-299, (20 December 2011).
Published: 20 December 2011

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