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1 August 1995 Regular Pulse Emission in Some Megachiropteran Bats
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We recorded vocalizations of megachiropteran bats, Cynopterus brachyotis, C. horsfieldi, Megaerops ecaudatus and Macroglossus sobrinus as they were held in our hands, in a hanging position or moved up and down, simulating flight. All four species produced regular audible tone pulses with a frequency spectrum of less than 9 kHz (peak at 4–6 kHz). The duration of a single pulse varied from 14.9 to 23.6 msec on average among these species. The interpulse interval was between 108.3 and 127.7 msec. In M. ecaudatus and M. sobrinus, double pulses were occasionally emitted, with interpulse intervals averaging 39 msec and 31 msec, respectively. The regular pulse emission may indicate that the bats studied use sounds to probe space.

Kimitake Funakoshi, Akbar Zubaid, and Sumiko Matsumura "Regular Pulse Emission in Some Megachiropteran Bats," Zoological Science 12(4), (1 August 1995).
Received: 7 November 1994; Accepted: 1 April 1995; Published: 1 August 1995

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