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1 December 2001 Body Mass Dependence of the Haemoglobin Content to Surface Area Ratio of Avian Erythrocytes
Alina Kostelecka-Myrcha, Joanna Chołostiakow-Gromek
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Data from 75 bird species weighing between 6 g and > 16 kg confirmed a supposition that the amount of haemoglobin per unit surface area of erythrocyte was not dependent on body mass. It showed a constancy across the range reflecting adjustment of the total surface area of erythrocytes in relation to blood haemoglobin concentration. This conclusion is based on an inverse correlation between the numbers and sizes of red blood cells.



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Alina Kostelecka-Myrcha and Joanna Chołostiakow-Gromek "Body Mass Dependence of the Haemoglobin Content to Surface Area Ratio of Avian Erythrocytes," Acta Ornithologica 36(2), 123-128, (1 December 2001).
Received: 1 January 2001; Accepted: 1 June 2001; Published: 1 December 2001

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