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1 March 2010 Two New Species of Prosopistomatidae (Ephemeroptera) from South Africa and Swaziland
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Three species of Prosopistoma Latreille, 1833 are currently described from Africa. The immature nymph of Prosopistoma deguernei Vayssière, 1893 was described from Senegal, and the nymph and winged stages of Prosopistoma africanum Gillies, 1954 are known from Tanzania. The southern African species Prosopistoma crassi Gillies, 1954, initially described as a nymph from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, has subsequently been collected in a number of South African rivers. Two further species from South Africa are described here, the nymph of Prosopistoma amanzamnyama sp. n., and the nymph and female subimago of Prosopistoma mccaffertyi sp. n.

H.M. Barber-James "Two New Species of Prosopistomatidae (Ephemeroptera) from South Africa and Swaziland," African Entomology 18(1), 147-165, (1 March 2010).
Accepted: 1 January 2010; Published: 1 March 2010