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1 January 2020 Ten Years of Air, Soil, and Water Research
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In 2008, Air, Soil and Water Research was launched as open access, peer-reviewed international journal covering all areas of research in soil, air, and water. Parallel to the development of new monitoring and modelling techniques, an interesting scientific change can be observed in the titles published in the journal during the last 10 years related with the significance of interactions between air, soil, and water spheres. This trend fully agrees with the new scientific paradigm to promoting integrated, multidisciplinary, and collaborative investigation.

The manuscripts published during the last 10 years cover a variety of highly significant topics including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, among others. Several of the articles published in our journal add significant new insight into global environmental challenges at regional, catchment, urban/rural, hillslope, or pedon scales.1,2 Also, numerous authors have agreed that the interaction between the air, soil, and water spheres has been drastically influenced by humans.345 However, much work is needed in the field of air, soil, and water analysis, including topics such as microbiology, chemicals and pollution, consequences for plants and crops, soil hydrology and erosion, climate change, and consequences of change, social issues, remediation, pollution cleanup, and more. Although much has happened in the past decade, we look forward to the changes we will surely see in the next 10 years.

As part of the evolution in the last decade, we are happy to share that the journal is now divided into 3 sections to streamline the peer review and decision-making process. Each of the 3 sections is handled by a Section Editor: Dr M.T.L. (air), Dr J.R.-C. (soil), and Dr E.R.B. (water). Moreover, the journal is supported by a list of highly international experienced researchers, which can be viewed on the Air, Soil and Water Research homepage:

As stated by Founding Editor Martínez-Huitle6 in the introductory editorial, Air, Soil and Water Research is open to publishing an attractive mixture of peer-reviewed scientific papers, review papers, and short communications. This editorial team believes that the best science should be accessible without any limits to all the users throughout the scientific community, which is why we are proud to work on an Open Access journal. Finally, we would like to thank all reviewers that efficiently improved the overall quality of the manuscripts published in this journal. We also acknowledge all authors for their contributions. We strongly believe that together we are creating a productive and valuable intersection for researchers from diverse disciplines while working to understand new challenges and answer new questions as they arise.



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Jesús Rodrigo-Comino, Mohd Talib Latif, and Erick R Bandala "Ten Years of Air, Soil, and Water Research," Air, Soil and Water Research 12(1), (1 January 2020).
Published: 1 January 2020

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