1 September 2012 Análise Palinoestratigráfica dos Depósitos Permianos (Poços HN-05-RS E HN-25-RS) do sul da Bacia do Paraná
Ana L. O. Mori, Paulo A. Souza
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PALYNOSTRATIGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF PERMIAN DEPOSITS (HN-05-RS AND HN-25-RS BOREHOLES) FROM SOUTHERN PARANÁ BASIN. This paper presents the palynological results obtained from 133 levels of the HN-05-RS and HN-25-RS wells, drilled in Hulha Negra, southern portion of Rio Grande do Sul State. The sampled levels included the Permian units of the Gondwana I Supersequence (Itararé Group and Rio Bonito, Palermo, Irati, Serra Alta, Teresina and Rio do Rasto formations) from Paraná Basin, Brazil. A total of 133 palynomorph species were recorded, corresponding to spores (57), pollen grains (65), besides microplanktonic elements and fungi (11). The stratigraphic distribution of all taxa is presented, as well as the relative frequency of selected levels. The analysis allowed the recovery of palynological associations relatively diverse and abundant from the overlying levels of the Irati Formation, which were generally considered sterile. The associations are related to Vittatina costabilis (Asselian to middle Artinskian) and Lueckisporites virkkiae zones (middle Artinskian to Roadian). However, some particularities were observed, which suggest a better correlation with the informal proposals for the same basin in Uruguayan territory. Additionally, comparisons with other Gondwana Permian zonings are performed.

Ana L. O. Mori and Paulo A. Souza "Análise Palinoestratigráfica dos Depósitos Permianos (Poços HN-05-RS E HN-25-RS) do sul da Bacia do Paraná," Ameghiniana 49(3), 319-342, (1 September 2012). https://doi.org/10.5710/AMGH.v49i3(506)
Received: 8 June 2011; Accepted: 1 January 2012; Published: 1 September 2012
Bacia do Paraná
Paleozóico Superior
Paraná Basin
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