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28 April 2020 The Lower Miocene Mitridae (Gastropoda) of Chile
Sven N. Nielsen, Francisca A. Ampuero
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The two Miocene mitrid species described by Philippi in 1887 are revised. Mitra martini is a junior homonym and is renamed and reclassified as Profundimitra lacuiensis nom. nov. while Mitra chiloensis is placed in Austroimbricaria. Contrary to previously published statements, the original type material of both species is still available. The geographic range of Profundimitra lacuiensis nom. nov., originally described from Chiloé, is extended north to Mocha Island and south to the Los Chonos Archipelago, while the record of Austroimbricaria chiloensis, also originally described from Chiloé, is extended north towards the Navidad Formation in central Chile and south to the Los Chonos Archipelago. Profundimitra lacuiensis nom. nov. currently constitutes the only fossil record for the genus. The presence of Mitridae adds to the record of warm water species in Chilean lower Miocene deposits.

Sven N. Nielsen and Francisca A. Ampuero "The Lower Miocene Mitridae (Gastropoda) of Chile," Ameghiniana 57(3), 255-265, (28 April 2020).
Received: 28 December 2019; Accepted: 18 April 2020; Published: 28 April 2020
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