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1 January 2011 The Gametophyte of Ophioglossum pendulum in Culture
Dean P. Whittier, John E. Braggins
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The spores of Ophioglossum pendulum ssp. falcatum germinated after six weeks in the dark on a nutrient medium containing inorganic nutrients and glucose. The gametophytes grew on the same nutrient medium to give globular, teardrop-shaped, and finally cylindrical gametophytes. The mature gametophytes were cylindrical and highly branched. Other aspects of these gametophytes were normal for Ophioglossum gametophytes with sunken antheridia and short-necked archegonia. The gametangia were functional because fertilization took place in older cultures. Mature gametophytes of O. pendulum ssp. falcatum from culture had the same structure as those of O. pendulum ssp. pendulum from nature. The differing conditions under which the gametophytes of both subspecies grew did not alter their stellate form.

Dean P. Whittier and John E. Braggins "The Gametophyte of Ophioglossum pendulum in Culture," American Fern Journal 101(1), 6-11, (1 January 2011).
Published: 1 January 2011
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