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1 January 2014 The Identity of Polypodium gyroflexum ( =  Pleopeltis gyroflexa, Comb. Nov. – Polypodiaceae)
Pedro B. Schwartsburd
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Polypodium gyroflexum has been a forgotten name since 1940. It is, in fact, an earlier name to a fern recently known as Pleopeltis repanda. Here, I provide the new combination, lectotypification, a detailed characterization, and illustrations for Pleopeltis gyroflexa, comb. nov., plus the synonymization of Pleopeltis repanda. Pleopeltis gyroflexa is known from two populations located ca. 2500–3000 km from each other, and they show some slight morphological differences. The gap between them comprises Amazon forest, the Amazon River, croplands, disturbed areas, and semi-desert vegetation (Caatinga). A vegetation map with their distribution data is also provided.

2014, American Fern Society
Pedro B. Schwartsburd "The Identity of Polypodium gyroflexum ( =  Pleopeltis gyroflexa, Comb. Nov. – Polypodiaceae)," American Fern Journal 104(1), 16-21, (1 January 2014).
Published: 1 January 2014
disjunct distribution
north-eastern Brazil
Pleopeltis repanda
Venezuelan Guayana
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