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1 January 2003 The Gametophyte of Diphasiastrum sitchense
Dean P. Whittier
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The spores of Diphasiastrum sitchense germinate in the dark on a nutrient medium containing inorganic nutrients and glucose. Dark-grown prothalli develop into white, carrot-shaped gametophytes with a tapering base, constricted neck, and gametangial cap. The antheridia are large and sunken, and the archegonia have long necks with numerous neck canal cells. The tapering base has a zone of radially elongated cells that is comparable to the inner mycorrhizal zone of Diphasiastrum gametophytes from nature. Although possessing few derived sporophytic characters, D. sitchense has a typical carrot-shaped, Diphasiastrum gametophyte.

Dean P. Whittier "The Gametophyte of Diphasiastrum sitchense," American Fern Journal 93(1), 20-24, (1 January 2003).[0020:TGODS]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 January 2003
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