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1 January 2003 New combinations in the Tropical American Ctenitis (Tectariaceae)
Alexandre Salino, Patrícia Oliveira Morais
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While working on the taxonomy of Ctenitis (Tectariaceae) from Brazil we detected two species that needed to have combinations in that genus: Ctenitis abyssi (Sehnem) Salino & Morais comb. nov. and Ctenitis laetevirens (Rosenst.) Salino & Morais comb. nov. The first species is similar to Ctenitis nigrovenia (H. Christ) Copel., but differs mainly by the short-creeping stem and ctenitoid hairs on the segment margins. Ctenitis laetevirens is related to C. submarginalis (Langsd. & Fisch) Ching, but differs by having pinnae long-petiolulate, ctenitoid hairs absent on the segment margins, the abaxial side of costae, costule and veins, and by having exindusiate sori.

Alexandre Salino and Patrícia Oliveira Morais "New combinations in the Tropical American Ctenitis (Tectariaceae)," American Fern Journal 93(1), 32-35, (1 January 2003).[0032:NCITTA]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 January 2003
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