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1 December 2016 Yantaroxenos colydioides Gen. et sp. nov. (Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae) from Baltic Amber
Maxim Nabozhenko, Alexander Kirejtshuk, Ottó Merkl
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A new genus and species of fossil Tenebrionidae is described. Yantaroxenos colydioides gen. et sp. nov. in the subfamily Lagriinae (presumably the tribe Belopini) originates from Baltic amber. Yantaroxenos gen. nov. is most similar to the Western Hemisphere genus Rhypasma Pascoe, 1862 (Belopini) based on the general habitus, the granulated pronotal surface, carinate elytra, and the carinate anterior aspect of the pronotum. Yantaroxenos gen. nov. differs from Rhypasma in the scaly pubescence on the body, the presence of ridges above the eyes, the strongly convex and protruding anterior half of the pronotum that covers the base of the head, the shorter legs, and the absence of 3-segmented antennal club.

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Maxim Nabozhenko, Alexander Kirejtshuk, and Ottó Merkl "Yantaroxenos colydioides Gen. et sp. nov. (Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae) from Baltic Amber," Annales Zoologici 66(4), 563-566, (1 December 2016).
Received: 19 July 2016; Accepted: 1 December 2016; Published: 1 December 2016
Baltic amber
new genus
new species
Upper Eocene
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